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How It Started

The Disability Help Group Arizona was started as a resource center to provide help and guidance to those struggling to receive their disability benefits. The people that were being assisted became very attached to our volunteers and wanted us to continue to help in new ways and that is when the legal team was created. We could then take our efforts all the way to the court room to represent those clients who we are so passionate about and understand so well having been with them from the beginning.

Currently led by subject matter experts and Social Security Advocates , The Disability Help Group have successfully helped thousands of people receive the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. How is SSDI calculated? Check out disability benefits calculator and compute payment with SSDI payment calculator. Asking for Social Security Advocates near me or disability advocates near me? Talk to people who care at Disability Help Group Arizona.

Meet the Team

Dave is the owner of Disability Help Group Arizona
Owner/Disability Representative

Dave has been representing clients for over 8 years at the Hearing level and loves what he does. It’s this experience gives you the best chance at winning your case at the hearing level. Knowing the judges tendencies and the way they like to run their court room help to make the experience much less intimidating for the client and much more likely for success. Dave also takes the necessary time to prep each client for the hearing by telling them what to expect and how to prepare.

More than just being an experienced advocate, Dave truly loves to help those who need help the most. Most peopled are at the end of their rope financially and emotionally when they get to the hearing level. One of Dave’s best attributes is that he truly cares about every hearing and spends time reading every page of your medical records. He truly cares if you win or lose your case.

Dave is not an attorney or a lawyer and does not want to be attorney or a lawyer. What Dave wants is for you to win your case and he will do everything in his power to help you win! He has helped many people so far and wants to help you too!

Zindia is an advocate of Disability Help Group Arizona
Advocate/Office Manager

Zindia is a motivated case manager with over 10 years of relevant customer service experience with a previous medical setting background.

As a dedicated case manager with excellent communication skills including bilingual services and a strong commitment to serving our clients, she strives to uphold company values while producing results.

"I graduated with a degree in Sociology in the hopes to help my community by being equipped with the tools needed to make sense of the shifting social world and contribute solutions to difficult social problems. I believe that those in need require a place they can trust that will produce results when looking for representation or simply guidance in navigating the complex processes of our government- Disability Help Group delivers just that".

Alyx is an advocate of Disability Help Group Arizona

Alyx has been assisting individuals with applying for benefits since September 2012.

She is passionate about helping others be successful with their disability claims. Her focus is being a communication point between Social Security and the client while working closely with disability examiners and assisting with social security questions and forms.

She is originally from Central California, enjoys going for a run, spending time with her dog "Remington" and a glass of wine.

She takes pride in giving people the tools to help themselves. Come meet Alyx and let her file your application to receive benefits sooner.

Ashley is an advocate of Disability Help Group Arizona

This is Ashley Alvarez and she started working at The Disability Help Group of Arizona in June of 2017.

Her experience working here has been incredible and it is also absolute certainty that it is where she belongs. She can not help but be overly passionate about helping others. She grew up learning that not everyone is the same nor different but unique in their own way. Her first week on the job was overwhelming in an amazing way because she realized that she was going to be working in a field where she would wake up everyday ready for work and not dread about going to work which brought her nothing but joy and happiness.

Brittany is an advocate of Disability Help Group Arizona

Brittany is the Hearing Specialist for Disability Help Group in Arizona.

The most important aspect of hearing preparation is to gather additional medical records. She will also prepare each client for the hearing.

Brittany has received her MA diploma in 2010 and she understands medical records and the importance it is to have them at hearing level. She knows what to keep, helping make your case look great! She truly bonds with all her clients in getting prepared for the hearing.

Brittany loves working at Disability Help Group because it has given her an opportunity to make a difference and better the lives of so many in the disability community.

Tiffany is an advocate of Disability Help Group Arizona

Tiffany has over 8 years of customer service experience.

She graduated with an Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Cardiovascular Sonography. Through her past and present experience, she genuinely loves helping other people.

During her spare time, she likes being with family and enjoying any outdoor activity.

She loves working at Disability Help Group because it has given her an opportunity to make a difference and better the lives of so many in the disability community.

"Knowing that we are making a difference in people's lives makes working here so rewarding".