Disability Attorney or Rep

Disability Attorney or Non-Attorney RepNon-attorney disability representatives, or a Disability Attorney in Phoenix can represent you in your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case, so which one is better? A well-experienced non-attorney representative can be better than an experienced Disability Lawyers Phoenix at assisting you with your disability claim/ disability hearing and vice versa. So much of it depends on how professional and caring the individual and their supporting office staff are. How can you know that? For starters, check social media for customer reviews. Happy clients are willing to post their experience from which you can get a comfort level from unbiased customers.

Also, go down and meet your representative before you sign paperwork. If the office is willing to let you meet with the attorney or non-attorney rep, chances are you can get a feel for if it’s a right fit for you. When visiting, pay attention to how the staff treats you. Are they dressed professionally, do they treat you with kindness and are they available? Chances are the service you receive from the staff they will be indicative of the service you’ll receive as a client.

Is it better to have a Disability Attorney or Non-Attorney Rep, and what is the difference?

Both non-attorney representatives and attorneys should have a good understanding of the rules that govern the Social Security Disability process. However, many attorneys don’t solely do Social Security Disability Benefits. This may lead to distraction and ultimately to your dissatisfaction. Whereas non-attorney representatives may only do one thing – represent you in regards to a disability claim (SSDI or SSI). The fee is usually the same for an attorney or non-attorney representative. Social Security Administration regulates the fee.

To sum up, either can do a good job. But the adage of “buyer beware” should be heeded. Take your time to make sure your representative (attorney or non-attorney) is well experienced and specializes in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability claims. Get to know them before you sign paperwork. Make sure you feel comfortable with who they are and how they treat you. This is a really big decision and you want to feel right about it.

If you are disabled and out of work or have been denied disability benefits or if you have questions about the appeals process, contact the Disability Help Group of Arizona, a Social Security Advocates, by phone at (888) 939 4692 or via the web https://disabilityhelpgroup.org. Asking for Social Security Advocates near me or disability advocates near me? We would be honored to answer your questions or represent your case.

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