Medical Records for SSDI?

Applying for DisabilityWhen you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you need to supply information about your medical treatment and where your records are but you do not need to obtain medical records. When your claim is being processed, your medical providers are contacted directly by Social Security or the State Disability Determination Services.

The Social Security Administration has a system called Electronic Records Express which allows authorized people (doctors, hospitals, clinics, schools, attorneys, etc…) to electronically submit records that are relevant to your case. These electronically transferred records are immediately associated with your case and are accessible by the Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Services. More information about Electronic Records Express is available at

Medical records are critical to the success of your disability claim.

Your medical records need to be detailed and up to date. Make sure that you are seeing your doctor regularly. Many disability applications are denied because of outdated medical records.

If you get denied Social Security Disability benefits or if you have questions about applying for disability, contact the Disability Help Group of Arizona by phone at (888) 939 4692 or via the web


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