Can I Expedite My Disability Application Process?

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    Many government processes, especially one such as applying for disability, tend to be slow and painful to go through. You have to apply and then wait and see if you qualify or not. If you don’t, you may have to appeal, and that can take a while as well. The process is slow, and when you’re waiting for money, this makes it all the more difficult to wait.

    You may wonder if there is a way to make it faster. If there is a fee you can pay to expedite the process, like picking faster shipping when ordering a product.

    Unfortunately, there is not. However, by making the right moves, you can be able to make the process a lot faster when you do things such as.

    Fill Out The Application Accurately

    At first, this may seem like common sense. Of course you want your information to be accurate, and make sure the form is complete. However, if you rush the application in hopes that you believe it’ll make the process faster, you may make a mistake, or forget to fill something out. This can slow down the process. When filling out your application, don’t rush things. Make sure your medical information is accurate, you have as much info as possible, and you can speed up the process.

    Where to Send Medical Records

    Your medical records are the best evidence of your case, so sending it as fast as possible can speed up the case. You can shorten the process by sending it to the DDS or SSA offices directly.

    As new evidence comes, makes sure to send that as soon as possible. This can help your application go faster. Also, make sure your doctors and other healthcare providers are informed with every step of the process.

    Respond ASAP

    This is another common sense rule, but if you receive a request for additional information, respond as soon as you can. If you delay your response, it may take longer. At worst, you may end up losing your claim.

    Check In

    Sometimes, checking in is a good way to make the process faster. The offices are swamped with applications, and by checking in, you may give them incentive to make the process go faster. If not, it can keep you in the loop about where you are with the process.


    Using an attorney to help you receive your benefits may speed up the process too. They know the laws, can communicate to the offices with ease, and this can help you make the process much faster. They are also good when trying to appeal.

    To summarize, while there is no VIP line to receive your benefits, you can make the process much faster by following these directions. We know the wait is difficult, by by hanging in there and submitting all your information in the most accurate way possible, it can increase your chances of a speedy process, and you can get your benefits much faster.

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