Disability & Chronic Anemia: Social Security Benefits Basics

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    The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides Disability benefits payments to Americans whose severe health issues prevent them from working. You must, however, provide sufficient evidence that you meet specific qualifications before they consider approval. Most Disability conditions are permanent or expected to cause death, but certain disorders still qualify for payments if severe symptoms have lasted or are expected to last more than a year.

    What Symptoms Does Chronic Anemia List of Complications Include?

    What Symptoms Does Chronic Anemia List of Complications IncludeAnemia is a common blood condition that affects patients when they lack enough healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen to the organs. While many of the 3-million Americans who suffer from the disorder may recover, those with long-term health conditions that affect red blood cell production often have severe limitations from chronic symptoms. These patients have what is known as chronic anemia or anemia of inflammation and chronic disease. Common symptoms of chronic anemia include:

    • elevated heartbeat
    • shortness of breath
    • pale skin
    • chronic fatigue
    • muscle weakness

    Sometimes underlying conditions may mask chronic anemia symptoms. Full medical workups with proper documentation are essential for proper treatment and chronic anemia Disability benefits approval.

    I Have Chronic Anemia: How Can I Get Disability Benefits?

    Chronic anemia often creates severe limitations for those with the disorder. If your symptoms prevent you from working, you may qualify for monthly Disability payments from the SSA. The program helps disabled Americans like you provide for their families and cover medical and everyday expenses.

    Unfortunately, Disability benefits for chronic anemia aren’t guaranteed. The SSA only approves around 30 percent of the applications they receive on a daily basis. They base their decisions on a variety of factors including your education level, your age, the industry you work in, as well as your symptoms. Most chronic anemia patients approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) require blood transfusions.

    I Have Chronic Anemia How Can I Get Disability BenefitsInsufficient medical evidence, a history of unemployment, and incomplete answers to application questions can all lead the SSA to reject your claim. You can appeal the decision, but that means waiting even longer for the help you desperately need. The best way to ensure you meet the requirements of the SSA evaluation procedure is by working with a chronic anemia Social Security lawyer.

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    Social Security Disability cases require compelling medical evidence and expert knowledge of the SSA evaluation procedure. Trying to handle a claim on your own is frustrating and difficult, especially while managing the symptoms of your disorder. Speaking with a chronic anemia Social Security attorney at Disability Help Group in Arizona can help you ease the stress.

    Let us walk you through the application process. We’ll work with your doctors to help you gather all of the necessary documentation and make sure you never miss a deadline. Reach out to an advocate in our Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson office today at (888) 939-4692 or submit our contact form to improve your chance of SSDI application approval for chronic anemia.

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