Residual Functional Capacity Questionnaire

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    Getting a residual functional capacity questionnaire from the physician who is treating you can go a long way towards getting Social Security disability benefits depending on your condition. You will need to request such forms and understand their importance in helping you get what you deserve in terms of support.

    Keep in mind that while your provider is working towards your best interest, their primary concern is your health and not providing you with a questionnaire.So, you will need to ask for one if the condition you are suffering may qualify for disability benefits. This is because part of the requirements from Social Security is that you must be totally disabled and unable to hold gainful employment even when being treated for at least 12 months.

    To do this, you must exhaust all avenues of potential treatments that correct your condition. However, it is counterproductive to show up for your initial treatment with the questionnaire in your hand. Instead, you should keep the questionnaire handy only after you have been through a sufficient number of treatments that your condition remains qualified for disability benefits. At that point, you should consult with your physician first and then bring or request the questionnaire when appropriate.

    Establishing a long-term relationship with your physician is paramount to getting the questionnaire filled out if needed.

    This is because your physician will want you to go through the full treatment process with the determination to get healthier. Only when all reasonable avenues have been exhausted should seeking out disability benefits be considered an option. If your doctor has seen your efforts, tried all reasonable approaches, and understands that you are still unable to hold gainful employment because of your condition, then the questionnaire becomes appropriate.

    You should provide the questionnaire straight to the doctor and during an appointment when it is appropriate. You may want to set an office-only appointment so that the doctor can go over your files and discuss your condition. In many cases, the staff may want to protect the doctor by saying that he or she does not fill out such forms, the forms usually get lost, or do little good. That’s why you should make your appeal a personal one to the doctor after the appropriate number of sessions have passed and you have engaged in several discussions with the physician.

    Keep in mind that it should be filled out by the doctor. While an attorney or a representative can do the work, it should really be done by the doctor or the staff in the doctor’s office. After all, this is the conclusion the doctor has reached, so it should come from their hand.

    If you need representation to get a residual functional capacity questionnaire from your physician. Or, you have been out of work, been denied disability benefits, or simply have pertinent questions, please contact the Disability Help Group of Arizona by calling (888) 939-4692 or through the website. Asking for Social Security Advocates near me? We will be happy to answer your questions and even represent your case if you desire.


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