How a Social Security Lawyer for Lung Cancer Can Help Your Case

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    After a lung cancer diagnosis, you inevitably start thinking about the future. Will you be able to work? How will you pay your bills or support your family? The good news is that you might qualify for Disability benefits for lung cancer. The bad news is it’s not cut and dry.

    Sadly, Social Security Disability denies thousands of cancer patients every year. If you cannot work due to your condition and want to apply for benefits, working with an attorney can improve your chances of approval.

    If I Have Lung Cancer, Can I Get Social Security Disability Payments?

    If I Have Lung Cancer, Can I Get Social Security Disability PaymentsThis is likely the first question on your mind if your cancer has made work difficult. The answer is somewhat complicated. You may qualify for Social Security Disability for lung cancer only if your illness meets certain conditions. Your cancer must be a particularly aggressive form or be in advanced stages. Specifically, the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) book of qualifications, known as the Blue Book, states that lung cancer must either:

    • spread outside of the lungs’ hilar nodes, return despite treatment, or be inoperable
    • be small-cell lung cancer or
    • be located in the lung’s upper region and require multiple forms of anticancer treatment

    How Do I Apply for Disability Benefits for Lung Cancer and Get Approved?

    The sad truth is that many qualified applicants get turned down for Disability payments simply because the SSA can’t find all of the necessary information. Once you decide to apply, it’s in your best interest to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

    Our Social Security Disability law firm ensures that the SSA has all of your pertinent documents including a record of your treatments and medications, surgeon’s notes, and pathology reports. We act as your liaison between the SSA and your medical providers so they’ll evaluate your case fairly.

    Can a Disability Lawyer Help Me If I’ve Already Been Denied SSI for Lung Cancer?

    Can a Disability Lawyer Help Me If I've Already Been Denied SSI for Lung CancerIf you’ve been denied Disability benefits for lung cancer, your SSD lawyer can help you appeal the decision. The vocational expert at your appeal hearing will require answers to questions about your prior work experience, your cancer treatments, and any complications that impede your ability to work. Our firm can prepare you for specific questions you might face.

    The vocational expert might ask how your chemotherapy affects nausea or if your cancer treatments create physical limitations. If your lung cancer falls below Stage III-B, it won’t qualify for benefits based solely on medical records, so they’d likely want to know how long you expect to receive cancer therapy. If you walk in unprepared, you could lose your appeal.

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    If you find yourself unable to work due to lung cancer complications, Social Security Disability payments can help you pay your mortgage and medical bills. Give yourself the best chance of approval by speaking to an attorney at the Disability Help Group in Arizona today. You can reach us at our Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson offices by calling (888) 939-4692.

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