I Have Chronic Liver Disease: Can I Get Disability Benefits?

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    Liver disease carries a stigma; people assume liver failure happens due to alcoholism. The truth is, chronic liver disease can occur due to any number of different factors and is a fairly common medical condition. The American Liver Foundation reports that the disease affects more than 30 million Americans.

    This severe malady disrupts a patient’s daily life, making it impossible to function in a normal capacity. If you suffer from the disease and can no longer work, a Social Security lawyer at the Disability Help Group in Arizona can aid you in applying for Social Security Disability benefits for liver failure to help with medical bills and other expenses.

    What Is Liver Disease: A List of Complications

    How Can I Improve My Chance of Approval for Social Security Disability for Liver FailureLiver disease is a broad medical term that encompasses more than 100 individual liver ailments, including hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, and hemochromatosis. Chronic liver disease, also known as hepatic disease, happens when your liver stops functioning correctly. The human liver is incredibly resilient; it often regenerates after damage. If the harm is severe, however, and builds over a long time period, your liver develops scar tissue which disrupts the way it functions.

    Advanced liver disease may require a liver transplant, but the exorbitant cost keeps many people from getting this necessary surgery. Even without a transplant, medical bills for continued treatments are more than most patients can afford when nausea, fatigue, pain, and bleeding prevent them from working. In these cases, Disability benefits for liver failure might be able to help you meet your financial obligations.

    Understanding Disability & Chronic Liver Disease: Social Security Benefits Qualifications

    Social Security Disability applicants can qualify for monthly payments in one of two ways:

    • Meet a Social Security Blue Book Listing – the SSA requires that an applicant’s malady meet the set of conditions laid out in their handbook, also known as the “Blue Book.” To qualify for Disability payments, chronic liver disease must last at least six months or have a diagnosis of end-stage liver disease. In addition, you must have related conditions, such as peritoneal fluid buildup or hemorrhaging, that interfere with your daily life function.
    • Prove That Liver Disease Prevents You From Working – if you don’t qualify for benefits under the SSA’s strict Blue Book listings, you have another option. Those who can’t work due to advanced liver disease can provide documentation as evidence that your condition, in combination with your education, age, and past work experience, leaves you unable to perform any type of job. You’ll need to submit medical records that list your symptoms and limitations.

    It’s important to note that the SSA regularly denies Disability applications for liver patients who drink alcohol, on the assumption that it impedes liver improvement. If you’ve been denied for Social Security Disability benefits, our Disability lawyers at the Disability Help Group in Arizona can help you appeal the decision.

    Understanding Disability & Chronic Liver Disease Social Security Benefits QualificationsHow Can I Improve My Chance of Approval for Social Security Disability for Liver Failure?

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