If I Have Sickle Cell Disease, Can I Get Social Security Disability for My Illness?

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    Sickle cell anemia, also known as sickle cell disease, is a disorder that causes your normally round blood cells to change shape and resemble sickles or crescents. Because of their new shape, crescent blood cells transport less oxygen and sometimes get stuck in small blood vessels. You may suffer from jaundice, increased heart rates or fatigue. The disorder can also cause patients a debilitating amount of pain during periods known as crises when crescent-shaped blood cells block blood vessels. What happens if you can no longer work?

    Does Sickle Cell Disease Qualify for Disability Benefits? It might.

    Does Sickle Cell Disease Qualify for Disability BenefitsIf you suffer from the disorder, you might be wondering if you can get Disability benefits for sickle cell disease. You want to ensure that you can provide for your family if frequent pain crises and severe body limitations prevent you from holding a job. The good news is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does approve applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and sickle cell disease. The bad news is that you’ll need to meet strict requirements to get it. Going through the process alone is often stressful and leads to mistakes that might cause the SSA to deny your claim. Speaking with a Social Security Lawyer for sickle cell disease is in the best interest of anyone thinking about applying for SSDI.

    How Do I Apply for Disability Benefits for Sickle Cell Disease?

    Patients who suffer from sickle cell anemia must meet the following requirements to have their SSDI application approved. You will find these requirements listed in the SSA Blue Book of diseases that qualify for Disability benefits.

    • At least three documented thrombotic pain crises in the five months leading up to adjudication
    • At least three extended hospital stays in the 12 months leading up to adjudication
    • Persistent hematocrit of 26 percent or less with chronic, severe anemia
    • Documented evidence that the disease impedes the function of affected body systems.

    If the symptoms of your sickle cell disease match these debilitating qualifications, you can apply for Disability benefits through the SSA.

    What Do I Do If I Am Denied SSDI for Sickle Cell Disease?

    What Do I Do If I Am Denied SSDI for Sickle Cell DiseaseWhile sickle cell anemia is a serious disorder, you may find it difficult to get your application approved. It’s too easy to miss important information when gathering documents for your claim or make a mistake when answering questions on the SSDI application. A sickle cell disease Disability lawyer can guide you through the application or appeal process so your claim is thorough and complete. Having a legal team on your side can greatly improve your chances of approval.

    At Disability Help Group in Arizona, our legal team has years of experience helping clients just like you attain the benefits they need to cover medical and everyday expenses. Let us guide you through the application process. If you suffer from severe sickle cell anemia and cannot work, reach out to our Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson office today by calling (888) 939-4692 or submitting our online contact form.

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