Disability Legal Representation

Disability Help Group Arizona
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Do you have a hearing scheduled with an Administrative Law judge for your Social Security case? Here at The Disability Help Group, we have a legal division with a 90% success rate for social security disability benefits. Prepping your case and collecting hard medical evidence is our specialty. Don’t go at it alone, let us fight for you!Portrait of middle age businesswoman holding digital tablet and standing at office.

We have specialized medical forms that give supporting details about your specific medical condition and greatly improve your chances of approval. The Social Security Administration will have a full view of what your experiencing with your disability on a daily basis.

The services our legal team will provide you are:

  • Complete all documents and applications
  • File all paperwork required for the disability benefits process
  • Handle all communications back and forth with the Social Security Administration
  • Gather medical evidence
  • Representation in your administrative law hearing

The Disability Help Group Arizona works closely with the Social Security Administration, we have been able to help thousands of people receive their Social Security Disability benefits.