Social Security Disability and Children

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    While most people associate Social Security with seniors who are ready to retire, there are other groups this department serves across the country, most notably the disabled. If your child is under the age of 18 and has a serious mental or physical disability, they may qualify for benefits under Social Security. Even if you have a substantial income, it’s possible that your child may meet the qualifications which means that your financial stress will be lessened thanks to the financial support that Social Security offers.

    If you are wondering if your child may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, then you should contact the Disability Help Group Arizona. They will take your call and provide you with the information necessary to understand whether your child may qualify.

    Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

    The guidelines are quite specific, which means that your child must meet them before qualifying for disability benefits under Social Security.

    • The child must have a disability that significantly impairs their physical or mental abilities.
    • The disability must last at least 12 months or is expected to cause the death of the child.
    • For 2018, the child must not earn more than $1,180 a month.

    In addition, the child must live in your home, be under your control, and if there is health insurance, then the benefits will only pay a flat fee when the child is hospitalized because it is assumed that the insurance will cover most of the expenses.

    Admittedly, meeting the guidelines for your child receiving Social Security disability benefits is tough. However, if you provide the proper information, starting with a report from the child’s doctor, proof that they are either not working or not earning the set minimum amount, and that the condition is expected to least for at least a year or result in the death of the child, then the child may qualify.

    Applying for Benefits

    If you believe that your child does qualify, the next step is going through the process of receiving disability benefits from Social Security. Keep in mind that even if your child clearly qualifies, the process involved can be time-consuming and somewhat confusing. This is because of the paperwork involved and receiving the proper documentation from your child’s doctor to support your claim.

    You may want to seek out professional assistance as they can provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and guidance to ensure the best chances of qualifying for disability benefits from Social Security. Having a guiding hand can help you avoid common mistakes and speed the process of qualifying, so that you can have more peace of mind throughout the process.

    The Disability Help Group Arizona is here to offer their assistance for Social Security disability benefits for children who qualify. In addition, the group provides a myriad of services to help seniors, the disabled, and those who have questions about the Social Security system. Call today and find out more from the experts at the Disability Help Group Arizona.

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