SSDI Denied My Claim?

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    If you have a serious medical condition that has been around for years which is threatening your job, you may be inclined to file for Social Security disability benefits. It makes sense after all, especially if your doctor or chiropractor has stated that your condition is a serious one that will last for the foreseeable future.

    So, you fill out the paperwork and file your claim only to be denied. At this point, you may be asking yourself what is the next step? The answer will be to get guidance from the proper firm or help group so that you can fully understand your position and if getting social security disability benefits is the right answer for your needs.

    How It Works

    The first step that needs to be taken is determining whether your medical condition is sufficient to warrant disability benefits from Social Security. The good news is that Social Security has printed the rules and regulations that govern their disability claims, starting with the Listing of Impairments. This listing will be the first step in determining whether you condition qualifies.

    However, if it does not appear on the list, that does not necessarily mean that you will not qualify. Social Security has also listed in their rules and regulations a series of symptoms such as constant fatigue, pain, dizziness, and so forth which may also qualify.

    So, if you have a medical condition that presents symptoms which are found in the rules and regulations of Social Security disabilities, your chances of getting approved for benefits is strong. However, if they do not appear, then you will have some work to do. This means having your medical condition fully evaluated and treated by a physician. When the physician is convinced that your condition is not one that can be fully resolved because it is permanent, then you should collect the appropriate evidence to make your next filing.

    The more you can provide Social Security to back up your claim, the better the chance it will succeed. An impairment that is confirmed by physicians offers strong evidence that your claim will have merit and be better received.

    Getting the Right Assistance

    The process for apply for disability is straightforward, but the chances of success are only about 30%. This is in large part due to most people not filing a claim correctly or simply not understanding what qualifies as a permanent disability or medical condition that qualifies for benefits. So, you will need to have the right type of guidance to understand, make the corrections, and file a new claim if appropriate.

    If your disability claim was denied and you have questions about what to do next, you should contact the Disability Help Group of Arizona . Located in Meza, AZ, and in North Phoenix we serve the greater Phoenix area, along with Maricopa County and all of Arizona, we are here to help you get answers. Compute your payment with SSDI payment calculator. You can call (888) 939-4692 or go through our website. If you have questions like how is SSDI calculated, we are here to answer your questions, explain our services, and represent your case if needed. Check out disability benefits calculator.

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