Understanding Disability & Multiple Sclerosis: Social Security Benefits Basics

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    Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS, is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the brain and spine. Most MS patients are women who receive a diagnosis between ages 20 and 40. The disease has no known cause, but if you have MS, you know that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis can eventually become debilitating.

    I Have Multiple Sclerosis; Can I Get Disability BenefitsI Have Multiple Sclerosis; Can I Get Disability Benefits?

    If MS symptoms prevent you from maintaining employment, you might worry about providing for your family. How will you pay for everyday expenses, let alone all of those expensive medical bills, without a job? The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly benefit payments to qualified Americans unable to work due to a disability like multiple sclerosis.

    What Symptoms Are Included on the MS List of Complications?

    Multiple sclerosis causes serious symptoms and complications that interrupt your daily life. Some common severe issues from MS include:

    • eye pain
    • vision problems
    • difficulty urinating
    • coordination issues
    • inability to walk or move arms and legs
    • uncontrolled muscle spasms
    • balance issues
    • excessive fatigue
    • slurred speech
    • depression
    • poor attention span
    • memory loss
    • facial discomfort

    How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Payments for MS?

    To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), an applicant’s MS symptoms must severely impair body function. If your symptoms have kept you out of work for at least a year, you might meet the requirements for Disability benefits for multiple sclerosis. The SSA judges your case based on a variety of factors including age, work history, functional capacity, and your work industry. They look at medical records, speak to your physicians, and evaluate your “work credits” for any job positions you held prior to developing advanced MS before making their decision.

    How Do I Apply for Disability Benefits for Multiple SclerosisHow Do I Apply for Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis?

    The Disability application process is complicated. You have to meet deadlines and Blue Book disability requirements and provide extensive evidence to back up your claim. The sad truth is that the SSA only approves about 30 percent of the applications it receives, and there are a thousand little reasons why your application might end up in the pile of rejections. You can appeal, but it will add months to your wait time.

    Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for Disability Benefits for MS?

    When money is tight, every minute without a paycheck is painful. Working with a Disability lawyer with multiple sclerosis experience gives you a better chance of approval. We organize your application process to make sure you meet deadlines and requirements and work as a go-between with your doctor to obtain all pertinent medical records and statements, so all you have to focus on is getting better.

    Improve your chance of success for your multiple sclerosis SSDI claim by contacting the Disability Help Group in Arizona. Our dedicated Disability attorneys in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson help you put together the strongest application possible. Get started today by calling (888) 939-4692 or filling out our online contact form.

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