What Is Next After SSDI Approved?

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    You received your SSDI benefits. You may have applied and got them instantly, or you may have had to go through a long battle in order to receive them. Whatever the case, you may believe that you can rest your head and let the benefits come. However, you should take some extra steps. Be it putting your family under your benefits or making sure you don’t lose them. Here are some things you should do next after receiving your benefits.


    Know That They Can Be Taken Away

    Your disability benefits can go away if it’s been determined that you don’t need them any more. If you go to work, you may lose the benefits if you are making more money than what is allowed. Sometimes, there is a trial period where you can work for up to 9 months without losing your benefits. If you’re considering working, talk to a professional and see if there’s a chance you may lose your benefits.

    You can also have them taken away if you are incarcerated or institutionalized, or if you reach the age of retirement.

    You Can Be Overpaid

    Sometimes, the SSA pays you too much, and if they discover this, they may ask you to repay the amount that was overpaid. If you receive a notification, you can appeal it, or discuss payment options. They can take a bit out of your next paycheck to compensate, or you can pay it upfront. Some may say it’s a bit unfair to pay back someone for their own error, but that’s the way it is.

    You Will Be Followed Up

    Every now and then, you will be reviewed. If the SSA finds that you don’t need the benefits any more, you may lose them. Always keep up to date medical information handy, and respond for the request for a review as soon as you can.

    When will you receive the request for a review? Sadly, it all depends. Some people may be more prone to reviews than other. One way you can reduce your reviews is to…

    Always Report Changes

    If you’re taking a new job, getting married, moving, or making another major life change, always keep them up to date. Don’t withhold information just because it may not benefit you. They may find out, and if they do, they might take away your benefits. Reporting changes is never fun, but by being consistent, you’re more likely to be on good standing with with the SSA.

    Keep Your Attorney on Speed Dial

    Even if you won your case, always keep in touch with your disability attorney if you used one to win a case. They may receive any letters that the SSA sends out. They can help you in the event of a review request or an over-payment. Don’t stop talking to them just because you don’t need them anymore.

    By knowing what to expect after you receive benefits, you can be prepared for any changes.

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